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Palm Island Information

About Palm Island Florida

Palm Island, a tropical paradise just off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Souhtwest, FL is a bridgeless barrier island accessible only by boat or car ferry ensuring its tranquility and exclusivity. Pelicans, egrets, eagles, dolphins and manatees can be taken in during the ferry crossing. It has 7 miles of stunning sandy white beach that connects Palm Island, Don Pedro Island and Little Gasparilla Island. There are approximately 750 platted lots in Palm Island Estates with close to 250 residences, 100 of which are families who live here year round. There are about thirty school age children who live full time on the island.  The parents “boat pool” them to school or they travel via ferry to the mainland to catch the bus at the landing.  Palm Island Resort, encompasses the northern two miles and is a private area, with golf cart or walking access only.  Rum Bay Restaurant and a small resort shop are located at the resort.  Palm Island Resort offers a perfect destination vacation in addition to ownership. World class fishing, boating, shelling and fabulous sunsets are enjoyed on a daily basis. On island, transportation by golf cart or bicycle is the preference. Palm Island owners allow nothing to interfere with their desire for casually elegant, undisturbed relaxation and unfettered Florida living. You will slow down, gratefully put the corporate world behind you and slip into yourself again once you step on to Palm Island.

Knight Island (the most northern island bordered to the north by Stump Pass), Don Pedro island (the “middle island), and Little Gasparilla island, the most southernly island, were originally three separate islands, divided by passes. When the pass between Knight Island and Don Pedro, and the pass between Don Pedro and Little Gasparilla Island closed in (sometime in the 1960s) the islands became one, hence more than seven miles of beach.  Don Pedro Island State Park which is approximately 135 acres of natural pristine land is accessible by boat or beach walk.  There are restroom facilities in the park area.

To the south of the State Park lies Little Gasparilla, an island accessible by private boat with approximately 300 homes, mostly part-time residents. Development there was started somewhere during the turn of the century. Some of the older “fish camps” still can be seen. Today, there are some exclusive homesites and two condominium communities.

There is a nice community spirit on the island. Hopefully you get the chance to meet a few of the natives and enjoy their company.

If you would like more information about the island, please give us a call. We live here and are always happy to share our little secret!