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North Port




Not long ago, Money Magazine named North Port Florida “the Number 1 Best Place to Live in the South” two years in a row.

North Port was established in 1959 and according to the data released by the United States Census it was the eleventh fastest growing city in Florida.

Most of the homes are relatively new and have incorporated energy efficient features and low maintenance exteriors. Although few, the older homes are charming and blend nicely. Condos and multi-family units are becoming increasingly popular.

The future of North Port is also exciting – the city has a goal to diversify the city’s tax base with non-residential land uses. They are looking forward to a healthy balance between residential, commercial, and industrial land which will allow the City of North Port to be the third largest city in Florida.

Along with numerous activities and a calendar full of festivals, concerts, workshops and lectures, archaeologically North Port is an awesome wonder known as the Fountain of Youth to thousands of visitors and residents who soak in its 87 degree mineral spring water year round. Little Salt Spring is close by which contains some of the oldest cultural remains in the United States.

If you are looking for a newer city, affordable living, close to beaches, golf courses, and shopping take a look at North Port – you won’t be sorry.



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